*Pilates and Physical Therapy Seattle*   


Discover how regular Pilates exercise can transform your life — from the inside out!

Many different exercise programs promise dramatic results.

A regular Pilates practice can actually reshape your body — and your attitude towards exercise. By lengthening and strengthening your muscles, you will stand taller, improve your circulation and increase your strength and flexibility.

Enjoy more flexibility and freedom of movement. By working core powerhouse muscles in a coordinated series of exercises under the guidance of certified instructors, you can establish core strength and stability, improve your body mechanics for all sports and life activities, become super fit and look fabulous.

Stand taller. Move gracefully. Defy gravity.

A good Pilates workout is always invigorating and never debilitating. Reshape your attitude toward exercise and it will reshape your life!
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*New Client Special*

Up to 10 private lessons at $55 each + tax.*

So you want to try Pilates..! Well this is without doubt the best way to start. You will be working with the most highly trained instructors the Pilates world has to offer being Romana’s Pilates trained, in a studio that is always full of energy. You will be working at the only Romana’s Pilates teacher training center in the Northwest, with a great depth of knowledge to hand from our teacher trainers and physical therapists. You will be getting the best deal around with up to 10 private lessons for $55 each + tax, you do the math! So come along and try Pilates with us…….your body deserves it!

**Mat Madness: $100/month for Unlimited Pilates Mat Classes

We are at 433 Fairview Ave N, in the heart of Seattle’s South Lake Union Neighborhood, with over 22 years in business.

This beautiful and expanded space has many features to improve our Pilates and Physical Therapy experience for you. These include more reformers and wall units to accommodate Private and Semiprivate Sessions, a large and dedicated space for Mat Classes, and Yamuna Body Rolling, a Pilates area and gym for Physical Therapy, and enhanced rooms for Physical Therapy treatments.

The design is filled with natural light, beautiful color and, for your comfort, heated floors in the lockers rooms.  Now the space needs you.

Remember to check our Daily Specials posted on the top left of this page. It is the most economical way to have a Private Lesson in our studio. Could be any instructor any time. Updated daily.


The Home of Pilates in the Northwest

Pilates Seattle International is the first “True” Joseph Pilates studio in the Northwest. When we opened on Capitol Hill in 1993 there was only one other Pilates studio in the Seattle area.

We are the only “True” Pilates teacher- training center in the Northwest. We have a worldwide reputation for instructors that have been certified under our program. Instructors certified by our program are now working in studios all over the world, teaching Pilates as it should be taught, the Joseph Pilates way.