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Pilates for You

Enjoy more flexibility and freedom of movement. By working core powerhouse muscles in a coordinated series of exercises under the guidance of the best certified instructors in the Pilates world. You can establish core strength and stability, and have the body you desire!

Pilates is for everyone and is tailored to your specific needs. Live life well and enjoy exercise, become fitter and just look and feel fabulous. You know you want to……


Finish your Day Feeling Great..!

Hard day at work? Finish it with a Pilates Lesson that will stretch and strengthen your body and just leave you feeling good. Call now  to see if we can fit you in, and finish your day Feeling Great!

Call (206) 405-3560 or email customercare@pilatesseattle.com 


Daily Special

Remember to check our Daily Specials posted on the top left of this page. It is the most economical way to have a Private Lesson in our studio. Could be any instructor any time. Updated daily so check back here daily to and contact us to reserve your session.


The Home of Pilates in the Northwest

Pilates Seattle International is the first “True” Joseph Pilates studio in the Northwest. When we opened on Capitol Hill in 1993 there was only one other Pilates studio in the Seattle area.

We are the only “True” Pilates teacher- training center in the Northwest. We have a worldwide reputation for instructors that have been certified under our program. Instructors certified by our program are now working in studios all over the world, teaching Pilates as it should be taught, the Joseph Pilates way.