Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy PictureOur Licensed Physical Therapists have extensive and diverse educations, specialized training, and decades of experience in traditional orthopedic medicine. They have expanded their training to include True Pilates by participating in our full year-long training program. This allows them to take advantage of the superior rehabilitative aspects of the Pilates apparatus and exercise system, should they feel that this would be of optimum benefit to you.

More Information About Our Practice:

Our appointments usually range from 50 to 55 minutes and you will spend the entire time with a Licensed Physical Therapist. We have no aides or assistants.

The Physical Therapy practice, originally Capitol Hill Physical Therapy, has been in business since 1992. While the PTs have full access to all of the Pilates apparatus, the therapy practice is a completely separate function within this business, complying with all medical standards, legal requirements, and confidentiality laws.

Call (206) 405-3560 to schedule an appointment. PT admin hours 9.00am – 4.30pm, Mon – Fri.
Physical Therapy is offered based on Therapist availability and is not available during all general operating hours. Please call to arrange PT appointments.