Pilates Side Sit-UpsTrue Pilates is a unique approach to physical conditioning, developed and perfected by Joseph H. Pilates. It involves the disciplined use of custom apparatus, and over 500 original exercises, to lengthen and strengthen the human body. The Pilates method emphasizes development of the spine-supporting “Powerhouse” muscles of the abdomen, back, and buttocks. It is a mindful approach that demands concentration, attention to correct form, and breath control.

Pilates is unlike exercise regimens that involve muscle isolation and overexertion. It is a more holistic approach, in which muscles are never stressed to the point of failure, and injuries are never ignored. A good Pilates workout is always invigorating and never debilitating. Physical changes are manifested as better posture, improved circulation, and increased strength with flexibility.

True Pilates has been used for over 70 years by professional dancers and athletes for strength training, injury prevention, and recovery. Recently it has been rediscovered by many people, including models and actors, seeking graceful beauty without bulk. Instructors at Pilates Seattle International shape the client experience using verbal, tactile and visual cues to maximize positive results. They provide encouragement and make necessary corrections to form. They learn about each client, help them set achievable goals, and create custom workout plans to address each individual’s unique condition.