Ray Houle

Ray Houle has an extensive background in Theater and Dance. Tai Chi brought him to dance in the early 1970’s. This led him to choreography, musical theater, and the work of Joseph Pilates. In the summer of 1989 Ray was part of the ensemble for Bill Irwin’s Broadway show, “Largely New York”. Many of his fellow cast members were raving about Pilates, so he gave it a whirl and always knew he would be going back to it. While he was in New York City, Ray also directed two one-woman shows, which were performed ‘Off-off Broadway’.

In Seattle Mr. Houle is the producer for the bi-annual festival of ‘Against the Grain/Men in Dance’. Ray works for the University of Washington doing research with human subjects on how exercise affects quality of life. He designed an exercise program for people with HIV and living with AIDS. He taught a course for this population at a non profit arts organization called Dance On Capitol Hill, for which he also served on the Board of Directors. Currently he is working with the University of Washington’s School of Nursing. He has designed and implemented an exercise program for older people with early onset of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Ray cares deeply about people and likes to encourage his Pilates clients with TLC to support the follow-through needed to achieve success in learning the Pilates Method.

Ray was certified in the authentic Pilates Method in May of 2003. He teaches at Pilates Seattle International, and volunteers teaching Pilates mat class at the Gilda House (support center for people living with cancer). Ray is currently a student at Antioch University, completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. He loves being back in school and having his brain stimulated with ideas and discussion, an awakening after a long sleep. Ray also loves to garden and nurture growth.