Building Up to Semi-Privates

How do you know you’re ready for Semi-Private Lessons?

Semi-Private lessons are a cost-effective way to maintain a vigorous Pilates practice at an affordable rate. Clients enjoy the benefits of working with a Certified True Pilates instructor when they sign up for group lessons of two to four people.

If you are a fairly healthy individual, have completed five to ten continuous private lessons and know your basic program by heart, then you are eligible for semi-private lessons.

Knowing your basic workout means: you know the names of the exercises and understand the basics of the mechanics of what you are doing, you know the order of your program, and you have a fair idea of equipment set up: you know how to to set up your springs, footbar, box, etc. (and of course you can always ask for reminders!).

Talk with your instructor to see if you’re ready. Generally a standing semi will need to be filled before we open another one within an hour. Please also be aware that partial semis with compatible clients may be combined, so you may not always be with a specific instructor.

Enhancing the quality of life through exercise is even more enjoyable when working out in a small group of equally dedicated folks.