Emily Haldeman

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At the age of 18 Emily found Pilates after a major car accident left her with joint damage and chronic hip pain. Doctors told her that her only option was months of cortisone injections and massage therapy for momentary relief but ultimately there was no course of lasting treatment or correction available. After a month of consistent Pilates sessions 3 times a week Emily’s joint pain was gone and her overall health and wellbeing improved.  From her own transformative experience grew a desire to help others find relief from pain, a greater understanding of movement and the freedom that comes with a strong Pilates body.

Emily’s teaching style stems from being a visual learner with degrees in both the Fine Arts and Business Emily understands that Pilates instruction should be tailored to the individual and enjoys the challenge of finding cues and teaching methods that reach the client in a way that brings them the greatest understanding of the work.