About Us

Pilates has been well-rooted in Seattle since Lauren Stephen and Lori Coleman Brown established the Pilates Seattle International (PSI) studio in 1993. Now located on Fairview Avenue North, PSI has earned our glowing reputation for our firm commitment to True Pilates as originally developed by Joseph Pilates, our internationally renowned teacher training program, and our highly trained and enthusiastic staff which includes four full-time Physical Therapists.

PSI is committed to excellence in every aspect of our business. Since we have a Pilates studio, Physical Therapy and Instructor Training all under one roof, we offer a unique team approach resulting in a superior experience for our clients. Our Instructors and Physical Therapists are among the most highly skilled in the world.

With one-on-one sessions, semi-private classes and group mat classes for varying fitness levels and goals, PSI has a program to suit everyone – from first time enthusiasts to seasoned practitioners.


Our Vision & Mission

Pilates Seattle International aspires to assist all people in reaching their optimal potential in body, mind and spirit by creating the country’s premier integrated Pilates Studio, Physical Therapy Clinic and Pilates Instructor Certification Program.

PSI provides exemplary exercise instruction, Physical Therapy treatment and Pilates Instructor Certification through our commitment to excellence, integrity and quality; regularly evaluating and improving our teaching and therapy skills, training programs and client/employee accomplishment and satisfaction.

The Story of Us

Co-director Lauren Stephen moved to Seattle in 1984 to dance and work with Shirley Jenkins and her company, Strong Wind, Wild Horses. After sustaining an injury in 1989, she became involved in Pilates, traveling back to New York every three months or so through 1992. That’s how she met Romana Kryzanowska and was inspired to open a Pilates and PT business.  Now Lauren and her husband Steve Burrows have taken over directing Pilates and Physical Therapy Seattle, with a big thumbs up from Romana!

Our Philosophy

Our vision is to assist people in achieving their full potential and optimal health. We do that by offering an exercise regimen complimentary to every element of our lives – mental, physical, and spiritual.

We aspire to offer the best services in a positive community atmosphere. Our goal is to establish the best Instructor Training program in the country. For one, we love training instructors because that means we have the True Pilates masters, Sari, Cynthia and Juanita and other Instructor Trainers, come visit us all the time. This regular training allows us to hone our skills. The goal is to train the finest instructors available to provide the most rigorous program possible along Joe Pilates’s original, authentic method. Our commitment to quality informs and benefits all of our services. We truly believe that the combination of the three services – Pilates Exercise, Instructor Certification and Physical Therapy – results in a superior experience for our clients.

Pilates & Physical Therapy Seattle Directors Steve Burrows and Lauren Stephen