Instructor Certification

Instructor Certification at Pilates Seattle International
A licensed Vocational School with the State of Washington

Our comprehensive Instructor Training Program is closely modeled on the original work of Joseph and Clara Pilates and our staff is committed to the training needed to efficiently and accurately pass on the genius of Joseph Pilates. As the premiere Pilates Certification School on the West Coast, and the only True Pilates method Instructor Certification School in the Northwest, we offer unsurpassed excellence in training and Continuing Professional Education. Our international reputation for producing the finest quality Pilates instructors attracts motivated apprentices from around the world. It ensures that our highly regarded graduates are respected in the industry; they can employ their skills worldwide with confidence.

Why study at PSI?

Romana Kryzanowska

Romana Kryzanowska and her daughter Sari Mejia Santo have set standards of excellence in the industry for consistent, thorough, in-depth training. Master teacher Kryzanowska has dedicated 60 years of her exuberant life to maintaining the authenticity of the Pilates Method as taught by Joseph Pilates. Romana recognized the need for properly trained, quality instructors and has been actively educating new teachers for the past 40 years. Since our inception PSI has been affiliated with Romana, and we are proud to be offering Romana’s Pilates™ as the foundation of our Instructor Training Certification Program.

Intelligence guided by the will using memory and imagination assisted by intuition. – Romana Kryzanowska

The Program and Our Requirements

Our program trains instructors in Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Pilates Systems or Stages. It includes a Seminar for each Stage and a comprehensive Apprenticeship Program. Each Seminar is two to five days in length and instruction is by Teacher Trainers or Romana’s Pilates Level 1 or Level 2 Instructors, as appropriate.

Instructor Trainers at PSI


Lauren Stephen, RP Senior Instructor Trainer

Lauren Stephen is Founder, Director and Owner of Pilates Seattle International (PSI). She is a graduate of State University of New York, Buffalo, with a Bachelor of Arts in Theater and Dance. Lauren has been dedicated to studying the work of Joseph Pilates since 1991 with his protégée Romana Kryzanowska. In 1993 she and Lori Coleman-Brown founded PSI, the first Pilates studio in Seattle. A Romana’s Pilates Senior Instructor Trainer (Level 3), Lauren has traveled to Barcelona, London and Sydney and all around the United States, teaching workshops, clients and evaluating aspiring teachers to better prepare them to enter the Instructor Training Program. An experienced instructor, Lauren works with a wide variety of clients through all stages of life, including pregnancy and post-partum recovery. She also works regularly with young athletes. Lauren is extremely proud of the flourishing organization she has created at PSI. It’s one that has consistently offered the highest standards of Pilates instruction to clients since 1993, that thoroughly prepares the next generation of True Pilates instructors, and that provides Pilates-integrated Physical Therapy for comprehensive recovery from injuries.

Schedule of Fees

Program costs include seminars, lessons, weekly apprentice class, apprenticeship oversight, tests and fees.

Academic Calendar

Our program starts with the Basic Seminar, progressing to Intermediate and Advanced. Seminars are scheduled based on guest Instructor Trainer availability, but generally our academic year runs from Fall to Spring, with seminars offered once per academic year.