About Us

Pilates Seattle International is the first “True” Joseph Pilates studio in the Northwest. When we opened on Capitol Hill in 1993 there was only one other Pilates studio in the Seattle area. We are the only “True” Pilates teacher training center in the Northwest and we have a worldwide reputation for instructors that have been certified under our program. Instructors certified by our program are now working in studios all over the world, teaching Pilates as it should be taught, the way Joseph Pilates intended.

Pilates & Physical Therapy

Our studio offers two separate but complementary services: Pilates and Physical Therapy, and our studio is one of pioneers in incorporating Pilates into PT. Our Physical Therapists are trained in Pilates and incorporate it into their rehabilitation work. They are also highly-skilled physical therapists with a broad range of new and traditional skills. For more information about our PT’s, please visit our Physical Therapy page. Our Pilates instructors are highly trained in True Pilates, a classical method of Pilates which stays true to the original work Joseph Pilates created. For more information about our Pilates instructors, please visit our Pilates page. Our team of PT’s and Pilates instructors work together to provide the best rehabilitation or workout experience for our patients and clients, and our clients agree!

Lauren Stephen, Owner & Director

Lauren Stephen is Founder, Director and Owner of Pilates Seattle International (PSI).

In 1993, Lauren founded what is now Pilates Seattle International (PSI) with Lori Coleman-Brown. PSI was the first Pilates studio in Seattle and since its inception the studio has remained the premiere True Pilates studio in the Northwest.

With over 25 years of experience, Lauren has become one of a few select Senior Instructor Trainers in the Romana’s Pilates organization, and also serves as Regional Director for the West Coast.

Lauren is extremely proud of the flourishing organization she has created, in partnership with Steve Burrows since 2012. PSI is a place that has consistently offered the highest standards of Pilates instruction to clients, seven days a week since 1993, thoroughly prepares the next generation of True Pilates instructors, and provides Pilates-integrated Physical Therapy for comprehensive recovery from injuries. Read Lauren’s full bio here >>

Lauren is a presenter on Pilatesology – a resource for classical Pilates instructors to continue their education. Preview a selection of her videos below!

Steve Burrows, Co-Director

Steve grew up in London, England. He played football (soccer) through his early years at semi-pro level until injury forced him to quit playing at the age of 23. He then moved into the coaching side of the game, coaching all age groups and genders. Steve achieved the level of UEFA ‘B’ licensed coach after years coaching all aspects of the game. He also worked in construction running his own company for many years in London.

He came to the U.S. in the summers of 2002-05 coaching soccer, running camps and coaching teams. He discovered Pilates during this time and was introduced to Romana Kryzanowska by Lauren Stephen. Romana and her family encouraged Steve to go through the training program by saying ”Pilates needs more real men,” so who was he to argue!

Steve completed the program and is now an an instructor and co-director at Pilates Seattle International with Lauren Stephen. With his background in coaching, Steve is able to adapt his lessons to each individual clients needs, whilst still maintaining a good vigorous workout.

Our Studio

Gratz Equipment

Our fully equipped Pilates studio contains only the best quality Pilates apparatus, manufactured by Gratz Industries. Gratz is the only manufacturer of Pilates apparatus that uses Joseph Pilates’ original specifications. You can do Pilates for years on other equipment and not experience the results gained from working on Gratz equipment for only 10 sessions.


I started pilates class with Pilates Seattle International 2 years ago because I had bad shoulder and back pains. Even though I only had time for just one class a week, my shoulder pain totally went away within a year, and my back now feels much more relaxed. All the instructors I worked with were very professional. I really enjoy my class and look forward to it every week. Glad I made the decision to try it out 2 years ago.

Shu Deng

I’m finding I’m literally in better shape in my 60’s than I was 20 years ago. And when the sweat pouring off me and I’m scooping like crazy, and muscles I could swear I never had allow me to do things I never imagined, I feel like a teenager just beginning to explore her body!

Lesley Hazelton