Why Study at PSI?

Instructor Certification at Pilates Seattle International
A licensed Vocational School with the State of Washington

Our comprehensive Instructor Training Program is closely modeled on the original work of Joseph and Clara Pilates and our staff is committed to the training needed to efficiently and accurately pass on the genius of Joseph Pilates. As the premiere Pilates Certification School on the West Coast, and the only True Pilates method Instructor Certification School in the Northwest, we offer unsurpassed excellence in training and Continuing Professional Education. Our international reputation for producing the finest quality Pilates instructors attracts motivated apprentices from around the world. It ensures that our highly regarded graduates are respected in the industry; they can employ their skills worldwide with confidence.

Why train in True Pilates?

True Pilates is the exercise and philosophy of Joseph and Clara Pilates as directly handed down to protégée Romana Kryzanowska. Since our program is aligned with Romanaspilates, you will work with her daughter Sari Mejia Santo, or the other Grand Masters appointed by Romana, Cynthia Lochard and Juanita Lopez.  Our local Instructor Trainers, Lauren Stephen and Roxane Richards-Huang, were also trained and appointed by Romana.

Becoming a True Pilates instructor will give you the highest teaching skills in the field. There are other Pilates-inspired training programs (some even being run by teachers taught by Romana). However, those programs do not qualify you as a True Pilates Instructor. To be among the elite of Pilates instructors and able to teach anywhere in the world, choose to study True Pilates at PSI.

Why our studio?

Our studio, now in its 20th year, employs 15 certified instructors, easily the highest concentration of Romana’s Pilates Certified Leveled instructors anywhere in the Pilates world. Not only do we have a vast wealth of teacher knowledge, we also employ five licensed Physical Therapists, who have extended their medical training through attending our Instructor Certification Program. They are always available to help students and teachers with questions on human anatomy and how to deal with medical issues our clients may have. This is unique to our studio and in the True Pilates world.

PSI’s apprentices are under the direction of Lauren Stephen,  Certified Pilates Instructor, Romana’s Pilates Instructor Trainer and Regional Director.  Lauren’s 25 years of teaching experience, combined with the talent and skills of the many regularly visiting Romana’s Pilates Instructor Trainers, including Romana herself, brings an unsurpassed depth of knowledge and dedication to PSI.  As a former professional dancer, co-director Lauren Stephen brings a focus on excellence and exceptional perceptive abilities to the program. Our Pilates trained Physical Therapy Staff’s perspective offers our students an in-depth understanding of the human body, when needed, especially as it applies to Joseph Pilates work.  Guest Teacher Roxane Richards-Huang’s experience, energy and eye for detail further enriches PSI’s Instructor Training Program.

Our students come from all over the world: North America, South Africa, Europe, New Zealand, Japan, Brazil, to name but a few. PSI is a Licensed Vocational School in the State of Washington. We may be able to assist international students with visas, and some with financial assistance.

We have a very large client base ranging from the athlete/dancer to the frail and elderly. This wide range of all body types, ages and fitness levels will enable you to confidently and safely teach any client and will ensure that you can affect profound changes in your clients’ bodies and lives.

Once certified, we will assist you in creating your own client base within our Studio or help to place you in one of the many Romana’s Pilates studios worldwide. We will then follow through and help you maintain your certification with updates on our extensive Continuing Professional Education and Instructor-Only Seminars.

So if you want to become a Pilates Instructor who is capable of running your own studio, getting a satisfying job at a reputable Pilates facility, and be conscientious about educating the public of the vast transformative work of Joseph and Clara Pilates, then our Instructor Training Program is for you.

Join the elite of the Pilates world as a True Pilates Certified Instructor!