The Pilates method is a system of progressive exercises which stretch and strengthen the body in keeping with balance and alignment.

Joseph Pilates originally invented Mat Work as part of his complete system to be integrated with his personally designed apparatus. Mat exercises focus on finding the muscles of your powerhouse (your core or center), and strengthening this area to support your spine. If you are consistent in doing Mat work, you will reap the benefits of better posture, a strong center, suppleness, a toned body and an improved sense of well-being. (Not to mention how invigorated you feel after working out!)

Drop-In Mat Classes: Come in and take a class when your busy schedule allows. Classes are 45 minutes long and are held several times each day. We recommend that you have had private instruction, or have attended at least one Beginning Mat Class, prior to joining the Intermediate Mat Classes. For safety and the consideration of other students, we cannot allow late admittance to mat classes.

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