Lauren Stephen

Lauren Stephen, Owner,
 Teacher Trainer

Lauren Stephen is Founder, Director and Owner of Pilates Seattle International (PSI). She is a graduate of State University of New York, Buffalo, with a Bachelor of Arts in Theater and Dance.

Along with almost two decades of Pilates, Lauren’s resume of movement includes intense equestrian sports, downhill skiing and various dance techniques. She also spent several years as a percussionist, giving her an advantage when helping others to establish a smooth rhythm in their routines. Lauren’s love of dance inspired her to move from New York to Seattle to dance with Shirley Jenkins’ company, Strong Wind, Wild Horses.

Lauren has been dedicated to studying the work of Joseph Pilates since 1991 after struggling with an acute ligament strain. Her comprehensive training with Master Instructors Romana Kryzanowska and Sari Mejia Santo improved her structural strength and sparked her lifelong passion for Pilates (not to mention healed her injury). When Lauren first met Romana, she was immediately inspired by her energy, vitality and strength. That motivation has been translated into the creation of PSI, three-fold organization (Pilates Exercise, Instructor Certification and Physical Therapy) designed to bring the work of Joseph Pilates to the public. In 1993, Lauren founded what is now Pilates Seattle International (PSI) with Lori Coleman-Brown. PSI was the first Pilates studio in Seattle and since its inception the studio has remained the premiere True Pilates studio in the Northwest.

A Romana’s Pilates Senior Instructor Trainer and Regional Director, Lauren has traveled to Barcelona, London and Sydney and all around the United States, teaching workshops, clients and evaluating aspiring teachers to better prepare them to enter the Instructor Training Program. A popular instructor, Lauren works with a wide variety of clients through all stages of life, including pregnancy and post-partum recovery. She’s guided several clients through their entire pregnancy and was privileged to participate as birth coach at the arrival of their children.  She is also working regularly with young athletes.

Romana once said to Lauren, “You will know if you are doing your job if your client’s bodies change before your eyes. If they don’t change, you are not doing your job.” PSI is built on that simple but powerful principle. Lauren holds herself and all of PSI’s instructors to that high standard.

With over 18 years of experience, Lauren has become one of a few select Senior Instructor Trainers. Her direct approach and finely tuned teaching technique make her one of the most versatile Instructors within the Romana’s Pilates organization, allowing her to work well with all types of clients.

“Some people come to me with injuries, some clients haven’t ever exercised before, and some are looking for a competitive edge,” says Lauren. “With a little determination and the proper instruction, I believe that all these people and everyone in between can transform their bodies, achieve their goals and exceed their expectations.”

The life changes that Lauren has experienced through Pilates and her ultimate commitment to the work is reflected in PSI’s nurturing and strengthening environment. She leads by example and is on-hand to ensure that all PSI clients achieve their specific goals.

Lauren is extremely proud of the flourishing organization she has created at PSI. It’s one that has consistently offered the highest standards of Pilates instruction to clients seven days a week since 1993, that thoroughly prepares the next generation of True Pilates instructors, and that provides Pilates-integrated Physical Therapy for comprehensive recovery from injuries.

Lauren is available to teach seminars, workshops and individual sessions by request. She is also a Pilatesology presenter. You can can reach her