New! Virtual Pilates Studio

As a result of the current Stay at Home order due to COVID-19, Pilates Seattle International is temporarily running all Pilates Sessions online.

Let PSI help you keep your mind and body active! Join us for LIVE Virtual Pilates Mat Classes and Private/Semi-Private sessions!

Now more than ever it’s important to stay engaged and positive. The Pilates Method is flexible and adaptable, and with the proper use of the breath, Pilates helps boost energy levels and reduces stress.

1. Register for a Session

Register for classes by clicking on the link below and pay with your current Mat Class card or by using the payment options below. Once you are registered you’ll be sent a confirmation email with Zoom meeting information.

  • Wednesday 7pm – Jordan
  • Class 2 – Instructor
  • Class 3 – Instructor

After registering for a Virtual Pilates Mat class you will receive a confirmation email with a ZOOM link which will allow you to join class. You can join using a mobile device, tablet, or desktop computer. If joining by tablet or mobile device, you can download the ZOOM app here.

If you have not received your class registration email with the ZOOM link 30 minutes prior to class, please email


We are offering a limited schedule of Private and Semi-Private sessions.

Call or email to book a session: (206) 405-3560, Payment will be arranged at time of booking, using a current package of sessions, PayPal, Venmo, or Credit Card.

2. Pay for Classes Online

All Mat Classes are $20. Please pay $20 via PayPal below, or Venmo @

3. Prepare for Your Session

What you’ll need for your online sessions:‚Äč

  • Zoom installed and tested on your device!
  • Enough space for your mat or a thick towel, and room for you to move!
  • Access to a bit of wall space.
  • Additional equipment: hand towel, arm weights (tin cans or small water bottles with water work as well!).

4. Tips for Virtual Classes

  • Don’t abandon your Pilates or exercise routine! Do what you can, where you can!
  • Place your mat a few feet away from your mobile device, laptop, or desktop computer with your device camera a little above you, if possible.
  • After entering your virtual classroom, be sure to mute your audio. This will prevent excessive background noise and distractions, and ensure everyone can hear the instructor and follow class.
  • If you get lost, or fall behind during class, stop, take a breath, and join in at the beginning of the next sequence of exercises.
  • Remote classes offer a unique opportunity to rely a little more on your listening skills, and less on what you see going on around you in class. Use the opportunity to work more internally and connect more deeply with yourself, without comparisons to others or thoughts of competition.

Please be aware of the levels of the classes and only take the ones appropriate for you. Classes are taken at your own risk and Pilates Seattle can not be responsible for injury resulting from online classes. All online classes and sessions are offered under Pilates Seattle International existing policies.